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Release: No.396-DNA/9
Date Mailed: April 17, 2006
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jackie Lindenbach—800/336-9266

Historic Interview on Coast-to-Coast LIVE: Horowitz Reveals Sound and Color of LOVE

Sandpoint, ID — Want more love in your life? Praying for peace? More than 250 radio stations nationwide will broadcast the special sound of love during Coast-to-Coast LIVE hosted by Ian Punnett with honored guest, “love tone” discoverer, Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

There is a special sound and color of love according to Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained award-winning investigator. Broadcasting the right frequency can help open your heart, prompt peace, and hasten healing.
In Walk on Water ($16.55; 1-888-508-4787;, the mathematics, physics, sound, light, and color of love is revealed. The 144-page book details the mechanics of what Dr. Horowitz calls the “Spiritual Renaissance.” He explains why some people, more than others, are enjoying the uplift from six special vibrations governing love, family, social synchronicities, spontaneous healings, and more.

“We now know the love signal, 528 Hertz, is among the six core creative frequencies of the universe because math doesn’t lie, the geometry of physical reality universally reflects this music; these findings have been independently derived, peer reviewed, and empirically validated,” Dr. Horowitz says.

“All healings and longevity, for instance, involves harmonizing with 528 Hertz—‘the sound of Love’,” Dr. Horowitz explains. "This is why heart aches and heart breaks cause despair and often death."

He explains why the main acoustic function and mission of nature, DNA, cells, tissues, and body water is this kind of uplifting “communion” with what the religious world calls the Holy Spirit or divinity, and physicists call the “standing gravitational wave of the universe.” His evidence and rationally deduced theory simply explains why the theological tenet, “love heals all,” is scientifically valid.

In 1999, Dr. Horowitz's eleventh book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, uncovered the original Solfeggio musical scale secreted for nearly 3,000 years. (See: These revelations inspired the idea of broadcasting the love tone for world peace and global healing. Besides filling the airways with the love vibration, water is a superior superconductor. To resonate the waters of the world with love a global concert called “LIVE H2O” is being planned. (See: and

The Coast-to-Coast LIVE radio show hosted by Ian Punnett is scheduled for 7-10PM PST, Saturday, April 22, 2006, and will be broadcast internationally and over the Internet at Share this information with others to help spread the love.

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